Erik Boomer is a professional photographer and a featured athlete in
numerous adventure films. He was selected as a National Geographic
Adventurer of the year in 2011 for his 104 day circumnavigation of
Canada’s Ellesmere Island – a feat never before accomplished.  His

photography of the adventure is featured in the New York Times and
Outside Magazine.

Dovetailing his love of exploration with the art of photography, his
confident approach to challenges on and off the river have earned him

the title “The Honey Badger of Kayaking”.

Last Christmas he focused on a project about homelessness and personal
change; he spent a week embedded as a homeless person on the streets
and homeless shelters in Washington DC and is still working on a
portrait series of people in the midst of personal change.

• 2010 Photographer Of The Year | Rider Of The Year
• 2010 Finalist | Red Bull Illume Photo Contest

• Of Souls + Water: The Nomad
• Episode 4, Season 3 Top Gear TV Show
• Guest Speaker 5 Point Film Festival
• Guest Speaker Telluride MountainFilm Festival